The physical accomplishments and financial status of each of the DILG-initiated projects implemented in the local government units were monitored to determine if the funds being downloaded to the local level are being used efficiently and effectively. The regular monitoring activities of the department is part of its anti-corruption mechanisms for better transparency and accountability of public funds.

The projects are funded under the Bottom-Up Budgeting (BUB) for FY 2015. There will be no BUB projects for 2017 but the department needs to fast track the implementation of the BUB 2014-2016 projects.

A team composed of engineers from the Office of Project Development Services (OPDS) and Regional Project Management Team (RPMT) of DILG recently conducted a monitoring of locally funded projects in the municipalities of Barbaza, Bugasong and Culasi. Among the projects monitored during the 2-day visit on June 27-28, 2017 are: Rehabilitation of Evacuation Center with Complete Amenities amounting to 1M in Barbaza; Flood Control (Construction of Pile Driving) amounting to 5M and Construction of 1KM Drainage/ Canal amounting to 2.5M in Bugasong and Construction of Flood Control (Grouted Riprap) amounting to 3.3M in Culasi.

The team was composed of Engr. Donee Ruinata of the DILG Antique Provincial Office, Engr. Joebert Pillora of the Regional Project Management Team (RPMT) and Engr. Shyrrah Faye Elizaga Office of the Project Development Services (OPDS).

The team conducted interviews with the municipal engineers and MLGOOs to determine the status of the projects and factors that hinder the progress of the project implementation. The team also visited the completed project - Construction of Drainage (Flood Control) in Brgy. Pojo-Jinalinan in Bugasong amounting to 4.2M under the Local Government Support Fund (LGSF) and the ongoing construction of evacuation center in Brgy. Ilauod amounting to 4M (for Phase 3 of construction only) funded under the BUB for FY 2016. (LGOO II Judy Mae Magdato, DILG6-Antique)