DAO, Capiz- In the past, the absence of a functional drainage system worsens the flooding along low-lying barangays of Poblacion Ilaya and Poblacion  Ilawod.  Futhermore, the absence of water outlet cause rain water stagnation which cause diseases and expose the people to dirty rainwaters in the community.

Confronting with these problems, the local government unit has identified the construction of drainage system to improve the condition. However, as much as to the desire of the local officials to implement the project identified, the municipality is financially constrained to make their plans into a reality.

In 2015, the municipal government was able to secure financial support for the drainage project through the Bottom-up Budgeting.  The said project was implemented with a total allocation of Php 3,423,500.00.

The completion of said project has minimized the occurrence of flooding during rainy season. Municipal roads are well drained and the presence of elevated foot walks makes a significant improvement on the quality of life in the community.  Since there is an efficient drainage, stagnation of water is addressed which minimizes the occurrence of water borne diseases in the community.

More than 5,000 of the population benefits this flood control project. The people and the municipal officials of said town were thankful for the financial support extended by the DILG.

To ensure the project sustainability, the municipal officials and barangay officials will involve the community in implementing proper waste disposal to prevent deterioration and clogging of the drainage. (LGOO III Erwin Bonifacio, DILG6-Capiz)