The technical and administrative divisions of the Department of the Interior and Local Government started their journey towards International Organization for Standardization or ISO accreditation.  This is to further strengthen core processes and standardize all document requirements of the office’s major functional activities.
DILG established Quality Management System (QMS) which is an expressed organizational goals and aspirations, policies, processes, documented information and resources needed to be implemented and maintained based on ISO 90001-2015.
ISO is a worldwide federation of 163 national standards bodies founded in 1947 that promotes worldwide proprietary, industrial and commercial standards that involve the systematic definition and management of processes and their interactions for organizations to achieve their intended results in accordance with their quality policy and strategic direction.

Orientations and workshops on the steps and expected outputs on the QMS for ISO accreditation has already started second quarter of year 2017 for DILG Region 6. Assistant Regional Director Maria Calpiza J. Sardua being the Regional Quality Management Representative or the QMR supervised the orientations and workshops that aimed at contextualizing the ISO 9001:2015- QMS. Director Sardua presented an overview of ISO 9001:2015 and discussed the steps to be undertaken by the personnel that will lead to the sustainability of current processes.
This year, on January 9-19, 2018 an Internal Quality Audit (IQA) was conducted by the IQA Team of Region 6 in the Provincial and City Offices. This was followed by the audit of the IQA Internal Audit Services or the IQA-IAS from the DILG Central Office on January 23-26, 2018 in the Regional Office.  The internal audit served as the Management Review before the conduct of external audit for the ISO accreditation.

As requirement for ISO accreditation, there is a need to conduct training by the DILG Central Office and its regional offices entitled Root-Cause Analysis and Corrective Action Plan to further improve the implementation of QMS.  Prior to that, a Post-Evaluation of QMS Audit Reports and Findings was conducted on March 19-20, 2018.  This also served as preparation for the external audit to be conducted at any given date this year.
According to DILG Regional Director Atty. Anthony Nuyda, the ISO is required not just by the Department but by the Department of Budget and Management.  ISO Certification is required from all government offices.
“We want to improve our delivery of services to our clientele and this is through ISO which needs commitment of everyone,” RD Nuyda said.
All these are expected to contribute to the overall performance of the office and establish a sound basis for other development initiatives. (RIO Christine S. Palma, DILG6)